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      What Will The Real Effect Of a Refinance Mortgage Be?

      By admin / November 2, 2018

      Is it really going to save you money or are you sacrificing a good chunk of equity for the sake of saving a few dollars every month? The biggest mistake that is often made is to get caught up in refinance mania at low-interest times and look at the few monthly dollars saved without paying […]


        Renter Affordability Mortgage Calculator

        By admin / October 22, 2018

        This is probably the most misleading mortgage calculator there is. In most cases families and individuals starting out, who plan to buy a home, don’t pay the maximum rent they can possibly afford but rather stay in a rental property as their income grows and start saving for a down payment to purchase their dream […]


          Mortgage Application Rejected? 5 Common Reasons For Rejecting A Mortgage App

          By admin / October 6, 2018

          It’s far from easy to get a home loan now that mortgage companies are highly regulated and mortgage application processes are under scrutiny. Ever since the housing market bubble burst in 2007, mortgage lenders have buckled down and tightened their lending requirements. Now, only about 55 percent of mortgage applications are actually accepted by lenders. […]


            VA Loan Types – hidden VA benefits

            By admin / September 19, 2018

            Did you know there is a Streamline Refinancing Program, which allows veterans to refinance at little or no expense to them? Also, you may be able to refinance a conventional or FHA loan over into a VA loan. Do you know all the hidden VA benefits that might be perfect for you? Be sure to […]


              FHA Mortgage Loan Calculator

              By admin / September 16, 2018

              FHA Mortgage loan calculators are somewhat more complex than their conventional mortgage cousins, as they are also dependent on maximum mortgage limits and a more complex mortgage insurance calculation. We will be bringing to you a simple way to use FHA mortgage calculator that we have developed and are currently testing. In the meantime we […]


                Business Loans Or Personal Loans: Which Is Better?

                By admin / September 2, 2018

                If you are wondering which loan is a loan, it would certainly be a personal loan. There are several reasons why you should be looking for a business loan – maybe you want to refurbish or expand your space, invest in new machines, equipment, vehicles or equipment? If you can’t decide between business loans or […]


                  What Happens IfI Default On A Personal Loan?

                  By admin / August 14, 2018

                  It is important to know what exactly means and what you should expect if it happens that you can’t pay off the loan you took. If it happens to you that you default on a personal loan, that may come expensive to you and it can do some damage to your credit that might be […]


                    If You Have Bad Credit Loans With Cosigner Are The Answer!

                    By admin / August 1, 2018

                    If your credit score is not high enough or you have a bad credit history, you can not qualify for the type of loan you might want to get, which gives the best terms and rates. But there is another way and that is bad credit loans with cosigner. If you apply for a personal […]